The Finnish Formula Age Adjustment

This is a draft document.

For information:

  1. The Finnish Formula was created in 1995 in Finland.
  2. With the aim of providing a method of adjusting swimmers times according to their age, the Finnish Formula was created using master’s results available in 1995.
  3. 3. Duncan McCreadie told me “He got it from Heidi Vaudroz who was on the LEN committee at the time, and together we presented it to The ASA masters committee in 1996 (Sheffield Worlds).”


The Finnish Formula is:


Age Conversion Factor = (Square Root of (98-Age) x (98+Age)) ÷ 94.757585.


The age of the swimmer is taken as at 31st December in the year of competition.

The integer value of age is inserted within the formula.


As an illustration,


For a 30 year old, the Age Conversion Factor is:


(Square Root of (98-Age) x (98+Age)) ÷ 94.757585 = 0.982.


For a 60 year old the Age Conversion Factor is:


(Square Root of (98-Age) x (98+Age)) ÷ 94.757585 = 0.816


The swimmer’s age adjusted time is then calculated as


Age Adjusted Time = Actual Time multiplied by the Age Conversion Factor


Therefore, a 60 year old swimmer with an actual time of 30.54 seconds would have an age adjusted time calculated as:


Age Adjusted Time = 30.54 seconds multiplied by 0.816 = 24.92 seconds