Feedback Age Adjustment

This document will contain feedback received.

Other systems that create age adjusted times




The French masters have their own age adjustment formulae; I have been in communication with the authors to compare approaches.


The French system creates formulae using the top ten masters times for each age group as the reference data. My formulae create formulae using the masters world record time for each age group as reference data.




I have been told Italian Masters have their own points system that does not use the standard FINA points calculation formula. I received an email that stated


This is the basis for the Italian system which uses adjusted FINA points is calculated as follows:


1) The 10 best times in the world for that age group and event are considered:

2) Of the 10 best times in the world the world record is left out and the best times from the 2nd to the 10th are effectively considered; 

3) The average time is calculated and the result is taken as the standard time which is worth 1000 points;

4) Based on the time swam the points are calculated using a mathematical equation.There are applications for iphone and ipad available or online calculators that can do this for you   and give you other info.


I thought I had the software but unfortunately not but am told it is readily available on line, if you have Italian!